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Your business can be a force for good with Ecologi Zero™, the easy-to-use carbon footprinting tool for small and medium sized enterprises.

How Ecologi Zero helps you

Ecologi Zero empowers businesses to reduce emissions and inspire others by sharing their progress.

We make it easy to calculate your footprint and identify your emissions hotspots.
Use our tailored advice, based on your footprint, to set goals that will help reduce your emissions.
Transparently report on your progress and share your commitment to future action.
Level-up your net-zero knowledge with our Ecologi Academy created by industry experts, so you can make impactful decisions and communicate with confidence

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Full time employees
Full time employees

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We believe that every business can be a force for good, and that small and medium-sized businesses have an integral role to play. We're hard at work expanding Ecologi Zero's reach. For now, we support businesses that look like this:
For businesses based in the United Kingdom
Best suited for small and medium-sized enterprises (up to 250 employees)
Best suited for businesses in the services industries
At the moment we only support Xero accounting software

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What our customers say

“Ecologi Zero is helping us get real clarity on our emissions. With this in place we can make further strides in reducing our negative impact.”
Alex Holliman
Managing Director, Climbing trees
“Just getting into Ecologi Zero and loving it!! Thank you so much for the work that has gone into this. I truly think this is a game changer!!!”
Lloyd Knowlton
CEO, Knowlton
“This is going to be huge. Finally, companies of all sizes can quickly and easily understand their footprint.”
Virgil Lerubino
Creative Director, Convincible
“We are delighted that Ecologi are early adopters of our new emissions dataset, which we have worked to ensure is as up to date, robust, and realistic as possible”
Leading carbon footprinting expert Prof. Mike Berners-Lee.

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